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Save Central Neighborhood
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from freeway expansion
As part of the Lake Street Transit Access Project, MNDoT and Hennepin County are proposing to widen interstate 35W to such an extent that the adjacent historic housing will become un-liveable.  
What is the Lake Street Transit Access Project?
The Lake Street Transit Access Project is centered around the construction of a transit station on Lake Street, between 2nd Avenue S. and 1st Avenue S. The purpose of the proposed transit station is to augment existing access to local bus transit for both northbound and southbound commuters.
Unfortunately, along with the proposed transit station, widening of the freeway towards 2nd Avenue S. is also part of the proposed plan. It is very unfortunate that freeway expansion has been piggy-backed onto a very popular public transit project. This is likely a segmentation tactic of a larger expansion plan for interstate 35W.
The last time MNDoT proposed widening of I-35W, the proposal was soundly defeated. The City of Minneapolis did not agree to expansion at that time, and still does not agree with expansion today. Healy Historic District area residents applaud the efforts to this end of council members E. Glidden, R. Lilligren, and M. Tuthill.


Link to the diagrams of the proposed widening of I-35W in front of 2nd Avenue S. The proposed and the existing roadway footprint lines are indicated in the diagram. Note the proximity of the freeway to the houses located on the Healy Historic District.

Segmentation:   Segmentation is illegal. The Federal Government prohibits the segmentation of large projects. What this means is that MNDoT is not allowed to construct projects one piece at a time without appropriate disclosures and approvals for the entire project in advance.  

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