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News regarding the LSTAP, the counter-widening effort and the Healy Block

August 31, 2016
Arial footage of I-35W and the site of the Transit Station

We flew a drone over the Healy Block and filmed Healy houses from above. We also captured some footage of the I-35W segment just South of the future site of the Transit Access Project station, and captured a goregeous picture of the Minneapolis skyline.

Video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L2mOCHfVi90




April 16, 2015
Proposed design of 2nd Avenue S released

Recently, the proposed design of the 2nd Avenue S along the Historic Healy Block and adjacent properties was released. It was provided to us by J.Hager from the city of Minneapolis. It is available in our Documents section at this link:


March 26, 2015
Update on the proposed changes with a new design

On March 23 2015, the Historic Healy Block and adjacent properties residents held a meeting and held and offical vote regarding a sound wall.

In this meeting, chief engineer for Hennepin county J. Grube, consultants, and J. Hager from the City of Minneapolis presented a new proposed plan for the reconstruction of 2nd Avenue S. In the new design, a green median is positioned between 2nd Avenue S and the two I-35W off-ramp lanes on the 3100 block. The median is going to be 8 inches high. Also, the green spaces surrounding the off-ramp were reconfigured to operate as a sound barrier. The area on the 3000 block north of the intersection with 31st street receives am enlarged boulevard, while 3nd Avenue S. will not connect to the 3000 block.

Once we have a digital form of the proposed plan, we will make it available.

A vote was also held regarding the construction of a sound-wall. While the block residents had strong objections as per the federal guidelines concering the voting process, proceeded to hold a vote. The unofficial ballot counting indicated that the residents voted to not allow for a wall to be built. All of the votes from the residents present at the meeting were against the wall, and constituted the majority of the votes.

August 14, 2014
Update on the proposed changes

The Historic Healy Block and adjacent properties residents held a meeting in one of the historic homes just yesterday, on August 12 2014. In this meeting, lead county engineer Jim Grube and a team of experts who are involved in the process of restructuring the Transit Access Project, presented the proposed changes to area across the Healy block.

The proposed changes include a smaller expansion of the freeway footprint against the Healy block, while significant expansion is still proposed for the 3000 block (between Lake St. and 31st St.) The diagrams presented are made available in our documents section: Proposed changes diagram Cross sections . Meeting minutes with a list of attendees will be posted shortly.

Lead county engineer Jim Grube presenting to the group the proposed changes.

May 8, 2014
Update on the latest developments

We have recently learned that there is a new plan for the re-design of I-35W between 32nd St and 28th St. This is favorable development and is an achievement and product of the efforts to keep the freeway from coming any closer to the homes than it already is, eliminating the need for a retaining wall and preserving valuable gree n space. We are told that this plan still requires Federal Highway Administration approval, and we encourage all of our supporters to contact our congressional delegation, specifically Amy Klobuchar and Al Franken.

Please let Amy and Al know how important it is for the freeway to be as compact as possible in this urban area. It is a blight to its neighbors and the adjacent historic Healy District is in jeopardy. Let them know that liva bility of urban neighborhoods is important, green space is important, and that the freeway should NOT expand beyond it's current footprint.

Amy Klobuchar can be contacted here: http://www.klobuchar.senate.gov/public/email-amy
Al Franken can be contacted here: http://www.franken.senate.gov/?p=email_al

December 3, 2013
Mayor elect Betsy Hodges solicitation of ideas

Minneapolis mayor elect Betsy Hodges is soliciting ideas at the following website:
You can voice your concern about widening of the freeway and let her know that widening of I-35W along 2nd Avenue S. will negatively impact the city and its citizens.

November 20, 2013 (10:48pm update)
- Stop35W.org and the Healy Block in the Star Tribune

Bill McAuliffe (bill.mcauliffe@startribune.com) wrote a brief article in the Minneapolis StarTribune today about the Lake Street Transit Access Project and its impact on the neighborhouds around I-35W. Link to the article is here: http://www.startribune.com/local/west/232682751.html
County chief engineer James Grube is quated in the article:
“It’s not a done deal yet,” he said. “There’s still time to maneuver.”

November 20, 2013
- Stop35W.org and the Healy Block in the news again (KARE11)

The Historic Healy District and the Stop35W project were in the news again on November 19th, on KARE11, in a segment that was replayed earlier this morning. [Video link] to the KARE11 website segment.

Lindsaey Seavert reporting from the Healy Block regarding the on-going project to counter the widening of interstate 35W conducted interviews with Hennepin County chief engineer James Grube and Healy Block residents Corrine Zala and D. Piehl. James Grube had met earlier last month with the Historic Healy Block residents to hear concerns in person.

Ms Seavert also communicated with commisioner Peter McLaughlin, who has issued a statement that is quoted in the interview siding with area residents and considering any widening "unacceptable."

- Meeting with MNDoT commisioner Charles Zelle

Representatives from four neighborhoods (Whittier, Lyndale, West Phillips and Central), Healy Block residents, city council members Lilligren abd Glidden, as well as Senator Dibbie and engineers from the city, the state and county, met this morning with commisioner Charles Zelle to discuss the project and the proposed freeway widening.

The meeting was arranged by the two counsil members and was presided by R. Lilligren at 8:30 am 2013/11/20. More information will be made available on this page.

Information will also be made available via our Facebook page.

November 13, 2013
Stop35W.org has a Facebook page at this address: https://www.facebook.com/Stop35W
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November 12, 2013
Photos from the Healy Block tour are posted on the T.P. Healy Master Builder facebook page.
Brian Finstad leading the visitors
(Photo by Mina Blyly-Strauss)
Visitors walking out of a Healy house
(Photo by Mina Blyly-Strauss)


David Piehl and Brian Finstad looking at old photos
(Photo by Mina Blyly-Strauss)
Madeline Douglas and Anders Christensen talking to Healy Tour attendees (Photo by Mina Blyly-Strauss)


Ryan Knoke discussing the Healy architecture
(Photo by Mina Blyly-Strauss)



November 7, 2013
The Historic Healy District featured on FOX9 in anticipation of the Healy Tour that is scheduled for Sunday, November 10 2013. Video on FOX9's website


November 6, 2013
The Historic Healy District and adjacent residential properties are all protesting the widening of interstate 35W that has been introduced as part of the Lake Street Transit Access Project.

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