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Save Central Neighborhood
  Save the Historic Healy District
    Save our homes
from freeway expansion
"The residents of the Historic Healy District and adjacent 2nd Avenue property owners in Central Neighborhood of Minneapolis oppose the proposed widening of interstate I-35W and the reduction of existing green space along the side of 2nd Avenue S."
This position is aligned with the position of the following neighborhood organizations:
  - Central Area Neighborhood Development Organization (CANDO)
  - Phillips West neighborhood Organization
  - Whittier neighborhood
These organizations had issued written statements in which they explicitly oppose the widening of the I-35W roadway footprint.
All of the affected homes on the block are historic, or potentially historic, 14 of them have National Register historic designation, and 25 of them have local historic designation. Residents of the affected homes are already experiencing multiple negative effects due to the presence of the freeway. More specifically, noise levels due to the roadway currently exceed federal limits, while pollution and litter that originate from I-35W directly affect the area. In addition to worsening these existing problems, widening of the roadway will bring highway traffic closer to the houses and will deem the area un-livable, which will trigger social and economic distress in the general area.
Take action now and stop the widening of the I-35W roadway.
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